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        Hangzhou Teams Environment Protection Engineering Co.,LTD is a holding subsidiary company of Sunyard System Engineering Co.,LTD, which is a listed company with SE code 600571. The total registered capital is 100 million. It has more than 500 workers. The headquarter is located in Hangzhou economic development zone. As a mechanical-electrical intergration environment protection company, it is specialized in the flue gas treatment.
       Teams has three subsidiary companies: Zhejiang Sunyard Environmental Protection engineering Co.,LTD, Anhui sunyard Blue-sky environmental Protection engineering Co.,LTD and Hangzhou Teams Electronics Co.,LTD, located in Zhuji of Zhejiang province, Hefei of Anhui province and Xiasha district of Hangzhou city, respectively. More than 133,333 m2 space were built for R&D center and production base. The annual production of steel structure exceeds 100,000 tons.
        Now, Teams have four series products: ESP, Fabric filter precipitator, Hybrid electric-bag precipitator and rotary plate ESP. In addition, we have the mechanical-electrical integration products for dust remove: Intelligent control system, High frequency power source and arc extinction product. Therefore, Teams can provide all kinds of projects from mechanical to electrical system.
    Branch companies:

    Hangzhou Teams Electronics Co.,Ltd

    Teams ElectonicsCo.,LTD is located in the economic development zone of east of Hangzhou, and is enterprise of national Torch Plan Key advanced technology, with space of more than 10 000 m2. The main products including the high efficiency and save energy control system, TM-HFHV large power high frequency power source,EPIC-III Energization equipment Auto-controlled and GDK LV control equipment for ESPs.
    Zhejiang Sunyard Environment Protection Engineering Co.,Ltd

    SunyardEnvironmental Protection engineering Co.,LTD is located in Zhejiang Zhuji with an space of  more than 40 000 m2 , the main products are large size ESP, hybrid electric-bag precipitator, Bag house filter, Pneumatic conveying equipment, steel structure(including rack) and tittings.
    Anhui Sunyard Blue-sky Environmental Protection Engineering Co.,Ltd

    Located in Luyang industry Zone of Anhui province, with an space of more than 100 000 m2 , advance technology industry of Anhui province, and the main product is Bag house filter, and provide engineering contract, design, project construction, installation and operation, technical advisory.


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